Austin Gipsy
Anything concerning the Austin Gipsy is what we do here at BMC Classics. Rebuilding, selling, buying and repairing. We are also able to supply information and documentation on those fine vehicles our aim is to keep those 4x4 on the road! Our warehouse is stacked with used / new old stock spares. If we don't have the part that you are looking for, we will search it for you, wordlwide! Spares and even complete vehicles can be send to all corners of the earth. Due to changing stocks we sometimes have very interesting optional equipment for the Gipsy. For example, winches, pto's, tyre pumps, sunvisors and parts for the fire engine! (Conventry Climax pumps and spares, hoses, standpipes, Winkworth bells, blue light and loads of other bits and pieces).

Most parts for the petrol engine are available like pistons, rings, gaskets and even complete new heads. Als we cater for the BMC 2.2 diesel and the 2.5 diesel engine. At the moment we have brand new crankshafts for the BMC 2.5 diesel as well as pistons and injectors.

New parts for the ignition system are available (petrol).
Cooling system: for both the petrol and diesel we have used or rebuild radiotors, water pumps and so on. Fuel system: Fuel pumps, carburettors (Solex and Zenith) filters, fuel tanks, fuel senders, main fuel filters, injectors and fuel injection pumps or spares.
Clutch spares are available. For both the flexitor and the leaf spring vehicles we stock front and rear axles and new half shafts! Loads of good used steering gear for both types. Also in stock we have brake parts, electrical parts and some body parts. Our aim is to keep your Gipsy on the road!

For sale
At the moment we have chassis no. 1 for sale, a swb hard top petrol series one built on 28-02-'58. It is in good condition and comes complete with a heritage document! Slightly different is a swb g4 m10, hard top with flexitor suspension. This Gipsy is fitted with a reconditioned 2.2 diesel engine, a Turner drum winch and tyre pump! Everything is in original very good condition. Completely rebuild g4m10 pickup with canvas tilt and 2.5 diesel. |This is the best type ever built, yes with leaf spring suspension! Everything is new! Including free wheeling hubs. Brockhouse Gipsy trailer, very special ex AFS including pump and hoses. Als we have some vehicles in need of a complete rebuild.

We buy all Gipsies whatever the condition and spares new or used! Please get in touch.
We will send parts to you for the best competitive price available.

In partnership with Mercedes Benz Nutzfahrzeuge, we are trying hard to supply new or used spares for the Unimog for a very competitive price and as quick as possible. We do realize that in case of your Unimog standing idle for some time, it will cost you! We buy and sell Unimog. We supply all kinds of machines to fit your Unimog and if you want too we will fit it to your vehicle. Because the Unimog is a truly multi purpose machine and is used for nearly all tasks a man can think of, you will not find a standard machine easily. Therefore customers appreciate the possibility to talk to us first before they want to buy a new or used Unimog. If you want any information or have any queries about Unimog, please do not hesitate to contact us.

This machine has loads of extras:

There is absolutely no rust on this vehicle. Mileage is 188243 km which is approximately 120000 miles.
This machine is built in 1991 It cmoes complete with workshop manuals and German paperwork.

Here at BMC Classics we also cater for the Landrover series 1, 2, 2a and 3. Are you looking for spare parts or information, is your series Landrover in need of a repair or are you looking for a used or rebuild one, please contact us at BMC Classics. We help you to keep your landrover on the road! We send spares worldwide and are weekly in the UK tot pickup or deliver spares or complete vehicles at our partners. If you are in need of a series Landrover now, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to serve you!

Currently for sale: Landrover lightweight petrol + LPG. Overdrive free wheeling hubs. Very good condition.


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